Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fashion Fight Night tonight

Photo by Marshall Photography / "Nicleticoiffeur" scarves designed + screenprinted by Anthem Heart

Tonight's the night! METRO Magazine's Fashion Fight Night III is upon us and it will be Eclecticoiffeur's last time participating in the event, and we're expecting to go out with a bang this year. Unfortunately, if you don't already have tickets it's sold out. We'll be posting photos soon.

Fashion Fight Night Press:

Tom Horgen, Star Tribune:
Fashion action, week two
Gregory J. Scott, Fashion Fight Night 3
Mary O'Regan, METRO Magazine:
What are you wearing to Fight Night?
Amy Overson, The Midwasteland:
To Do: Minneapolis 02.26-03.04
More info:
METRO online

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  1. What is the concept of that fashion? gangster?